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 lightweight/high performance speed controller as the standard specifications.
Portable drum pump B2 Vario

ルーツポータブルドラムポンプ B2 Vario

It is a portable drum pump equipped with a miniaturized and lightweight/high performance speed controller as the standard specifications.

Lutz Pumpen GmbH of Germany boasts of its largest business results in the world in the field of handy pumps for chemicals,
manufacturing various types of pumps that have anti-corrosion performance against various chemical solutions, and its products have been patronized by users in various parts of the world for many years. The new type B2 Vario is a new type portable drum pump that has been developed by making improvements on the former B2 series that were patronized by users for many years and by being equipped with a speed controller as its standard specifications.

Advantages Applications Specifications
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・The pump is equipped with a speed controller as standard specifications!  

 Subdivision in small amounts has also be made easier.

・The pump tube length is available in 3 types: 500, 700, and 1000mm.
・A pump fit for use can be chosen from a drum to a small container.
・Being lightweight, weighing about 2.5kg, the pump can be carried easily.  (PP type)

・The suction inlet of the pump tube has been strengthened with PVDF, thereby protecting

 the impeller against impact.  (PP type)

・With the impeller of a new construction, residual solution has been reduced to a minimum.

・Subdividing work can be done easily with a PP one-touch nozzle (included in the PP type as a

 standard accessory) and a SUS-grade stainless steel nozzle (optional part).

・The dial of the speed controller can be operated easily.
Since the operation can be done just by turning the dial on top of the motor, fine adjustments of the flow rate can be made easily!  Moreover, the pump is equipped with a dedicated gun nozzle as standard specifications, subdivision of chemicals, etc. can be done very smoothly.
・A hook for nozzle is included as standard specifications.
Since a dedicated gun nozzle is also included as standard specifications, subdivision of chemicals, etc. can be done very smoothly.  A convenient hook for nozzle with which there is no need to worry about the place for putting the nozzle.


For subdivision of chemicals in a hospital or laboratory …   For transfer of chemicals in a factory …
特徴   特徴


Type B2V-PP500 B2V-PP700 B2V-PP1000 B2V-SS1000
Material of liquid contact parts PP, ETFE, Hastelloy C SUS-grade stainless steel, ETFE
Liquid temperature 50℃(MAX) 90℃(MAX)
Viscosity 300cP
Specific gravity 1.3
Output 160W
Voltage 100V(200V is also available)
Weight About 2.2kg About 2.3kg About 2.5kg About 3.5Kg
Standard accessories PVC hose: 1.5m, Hose band (made of SUS-grade stainless steel), Metal fitting for wall-hanging, Gun nozzle

SUS-grade stainless steel flexible hose(1.5m)

Metal fitting for wall-hanging

Outline drawing

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