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Simple type level meter


A marker plate and indication with red/blue LEDs enable the amount of liquid to be monitored reliably day and night.

A handy level gauge that enables the amount of residual solution to be grasped instantly. When a shortage of water occurs, the red LED on the indicator flashes, notifying the user of water shortage.
In addition, by using an external alarm contact, remote monitoring can also be carried out. (Type CL-801)

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・A yellow pipe goes up and down with the liquid level, and the liquid level can be checked

 by the indication plate at the tip.

・If there is liquid, the blue LED is lighted, and if shortage of water occurs, the red LED flashes.

・On-site liquid level adjustment can be made according to the tank.  

 (Tanks of 760mm or lower in height)

・An external alarm contact is included as standard specifications that enables liquid level control

 to be performed at a distant place.

・Materials having excellent anti-corrosiveness are selected for liquid contact parts,

 thus enabling various liquids to be handled.

・A bulwark pipe that prevents malfunctions during mixer operation is also available as an optional item.
・An economical type is also available that enables visual checks only.  (Type CL-801N)


・Liquid level control for liquids.


Name Water shortage alarm liquid level meter Visual liquid level gauge
Type CL-801 CL-801N
Tank that allows installation 760mm or less
Alarm contact a-, b- contacts
Contact rated load AC250V 2A
Power supply AC100V *Adaptor is of the indoor type.
Cable length 3m
Operating temperature 0-40℃

Outline drawing

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