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PH/ORP meter

 pH計(ORP計) PE-22(OE-22)

Standard pH (ORP) indicator controller


Three types of control outputs are equipped as standard, and high-precision

processing is also simple.

A variety of error display functions have been installed, making it easier to use.

The voltage corresponds to the voltage from the free power supply AC100V to 240 V.
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・Operation control of time division proportional control, timer control, ON/OFF control can be selected.

・Error display functions such as calibration error, electrode diagnosis error, error outside

the measurement range, and control output error are installed.

・Supports a wide range of power sources from AC100 to 240V.
・Pt1000 Ω is used for temperature-compensation.
・Calibration of pH standard solution is automatic.Corresponds to pH 1.86, 4.01, 6.86, and 9.18 (JIS).
・Temperature measurement is also possible.(When the temperature compensation electrode is used)
・A dustproof acrylic cover that protects the touch panel is included as standard.


・Measurement of pH (ORP) of various solutions.
・Measurement of pH (ORP) of industrial wastewater.



Industrial pH indicator controller

Industrial ORP indicator controller
Type PE-22 OE-22
Measuring method Glass electrode method

Metal electrode system

Measuring range 0.00~14.00  -999~999mV
Resolution 0.01pH 1mV


With ±0.02 pH *Equivalent input
With ±2 mV *Equivalent input


With ±0.05oH *Equivalent input

With ±5 mV *Equivalent input

Setting method Touch switch operation on the front panel
Functional change

Touch switch operation on the front panel

Temperature compensating Automatic temperature compensation (temperature compensation range: 0 to 60℃)
Temperature compensating element Pt1000Ω

Automatic Calibration Solution Determination Function

Automatic potential stability determination function

Available standard solution: one of pH 6.86, pH 4.01, 9.18, and 1.68 (JIS)

Controlling outputs  

1C contact output (no-voltage relay contact) 2 points independent of each other

  Contact capacitance AC250V, 3 Amax (resistive loading)
ON/OFF operation

Operation clearance can be set.

Upper and lower limits can be set.

Time division proportional operation

Proportional band PE-22:0~14 pH OE-22:-999~999 mV

Cycle: 0 to 99 minutes 59 seconds

Timer operation


ON 0 to 99 minutes 59 seconds

OFF 0 to 99 minutes 59 seconds

Adding function Response speed delay function

Response time (90%) can be arbitrarily set.

Response time setting range 0 to 9 minutes 59 seconds

Calibration error asymmetric potential, sensitivity, response speed error, standard solution error
Electrode diagnosis error temperature compensation element short-circuit or disconnection
Out of measurement range error

Full scale over, under

Control output error Continuous operation error, operating time setting range 0 to 99 minutes 59 seconds
Transmission output

DC 4 to 20mA, I/O isolation, maximum connection load resistance 500Ω

Transmission output range   Any setting within the measurement range is possible.
Ambient temperature 0~40℃
Ambient humidity 85% RH or less
Power AC100~240V 50/60Hz 
Power consumption



About 500 g


DIN 96(W)×96(H)×145(D) 

Installation Panel mounting panel cut dimension 92×92
Installation site Indoor installation only non-waterproof structure
Standard accessories ●Control panel fixture ●Front cover ●Instruction Manual


●Immersion type PH electrode 2505, 4805 ●ORP electrode 2605-AU (gold), 2605-Pt (platinum) ●Immersion type holder HI
●Distribution-type PH-sensor S200CY10 ●Distribution-type holder FC75

●PH Standard Solution ●Powder for PH Standard Solution ●Kinhydron Powder for ORP Check, etc.

●Dedicated repeaters CT and CTB ●Recommended SMC cable NB ●Electrode mounting brackets NT, NTB


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