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pH/ORP control type
Pump set


It is a price-worthy set in which a pump is incorporated into an outdoor type  pH meter/ORP meter with control functions, which has been developed for the first time in the industry.  Since no large-scale site work such as that for a control panel and wiring is required, it can be installed at low cost.

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・The automatic control method can be chosen among 3 types.  (ON/OFF; time division proportional; twin timer)

・A price-worthy set incorporating a diaphragm type metering pump.

・The lineup includes 2 types of pumps having a different discharge capacity.


・pH neutralization or oxidation/reduction treatment of drainage in the chemical industry, etc.
・Incorporation of the apparatus of each process.
・pH measurement and control in hydroponic culture, etc.
・pH measurement and control of drainage from cleaning.
・pH measurement and control for drainage from experiments, etc.


Name pH meter/ORP meter with control functions pump set
Type PET-M3-300 PET-M3-1000
Instrument area Range of measurement pH:0.00~14.00 ORP:-700~+700mV
Indication Digital LCD
Resolution pH:0.01pH ORP:1mV
Control output

Pump: 2 units (automatic/manual)
Mixer: 1 unit (automatic/manual), mixer: 2 units (manual)

* Maximum load capacity: 100VA each (inductive load)voltage-

applied output

Control method ON/OFF; time division proportional; twin timer
Settings Digital settings
Transmission output 4 - 20mADC (maximum load resistance: 500Ω) 
Temperature compensation 6.8kΩ、500Ω、Pt1000Ω 
Pump area Type T-type diaphragm metering pump
Discharge capacity 0 - 360ml/min (MAX at 60Hz) 0 - 1200ml/min (MAX at 60Hz)
Discharge pressure 0.5MPa (5kg/cm2)
Connection Hose φ6×φ11 φ8×φ13.5
Pipe VP16A(PVC) VP16A(PVC)
Optional items pH sensor 2505HI-10(5m)
ORP sensor 2603HI-10(3m)
Attachment tool NT-B
Buffer solution pH6.86, pH4.01, mV powder, KCl
Accessories Foot valve, anti-siphon valve, braided hose (4m)

Outline drawing

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