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Chemical submersible pump "CEMPON"    


Chemical submersible pump "CEMPON"       Type CCP-200

Having outstanding corrosion resistance and being economical! 

Besides being designed to be powerful.
The pump demonstrates excellent capabilities in transfer of chemical solution.
Advantages Applications Specifications
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・Excellent anti-corrosion performance has been realized by employing CFRPP.
・Since no metal is used in liquid contact parts, there is no need to worry about rust.
・Being miniaturized and light in weight, carrying it and its maintenance are easy.
・Best suited to transfer of chemical solutions, seawater, etc.
・Its service life has further been extended by changing the mechanical seal.
・By using a strainer for low water level, the lowest pumping up level can be lowered to about 4 mm (optional).


・Transfer of plating solution for renewal.
・Draining of solution in the chemical solution drainage pit.
・Subdivision of chemicals.
・Transfer of seawater.


Type CCP-200S CCP-200T
Power supply voltage Single phase AC100V Three phase AC200V
Frequency 50/60Hz  
Rated current 3.2A  1.0A 
Rated output 200W 
Number of poles 2 poles
Insulation class Type E
Protective apparatus Built-in thermal protector
Connection diameter 32mm hose or piping connection 
Maximum discharge capacity 120L/min
Maximum lift 7.4m 
Solution temperature that enables handling 0 - 40(no freezing)
Specific gravity of solution that enables handling 1.2
Construction Vaned wheel Semi-vortex
Axial seal Single mechanical seal
Bearing Sealed ball bearing
Material of liquid contact parts Vaned wheel CFRPP 
Casing CFRPP 
Motor ace CFRPP 
Mechanical seal Ceramic/carbon or SiC/SiC
Main shaft GFRPPS
Screws/nuts, etc. GFRPPS 
Packing, etc. FKM(fluorine rubber)
Cabtire cable VCT 4  
Weight 4.8kg  

Standard accessory

・Fitting for hose bamboo shoot joints, union nut (made of PP)
・Packing (fluorine rubber)
・Lifting rope (made of PE/5m)
・Hose band (SUS316 grade stainless steel)
・Ground nameplate sticker

Outline drawing/catalogue

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