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Excellent corrosion resistance, compact
self-contained corrosion-resistant resin pump "CEMPUM ACE"


High corrosion resistance is achieved by using polypropylene containing carbon fibers.

This self-aspirating spiral pump is lightweight, compact, and has high corrosion resistance and excellent durability.



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・A splash prevention plate prevents the motor from entering even when the mechanical seal leaks.
・Use of new materials for casings and excellent corrosion resistance!
・A compact design requires less installation space.
・Low-noise motors and quieter operation sounds.
・Replacement of the mechanical seal is also easy and maintenance is necessary.

Excellence in self-respiration performance

Despite its compact body, it exhibits excellent self-respiration capabilities.


Note: For self-breathing at 5 m, atmospheric pressure is the condition.



・At 50 Hz
Discharge: 120 L/min
Head: 8m

・At 60 Hz
Discharge: 110 L/min
Head: 10 m

High corrosion resistance/long life

The pumping section uses CFRPP and GFRPP, the motor shaft is made of SUS316, and the inner screws are made of titanium, SUS316, and other materials, making it highly corrosion resistant.
It can be used in a wide range of fields, including fresh water, sea water, and some chemical solutions.



*High corrosion resistant body

・Pump section made of corrosion-resistant material
・Motor fan cover made of resin
・The pump base is PVC-coated.


At present, FC pumps have a short life and a short replacement time due to rust generation.
Since CEMPUM ACE is made of resin, it is easy to disassemble, assemble, and maintain without rusting.


Safety design

Even if fluid leaks during the life of the mechanical seal, which is a consumable, the splash prevention plate is equipped as standard, so it does not splash on the motor side and protects it from electrical leakage.In addition, the motor shaft is equipped with a drainage ring, which can be double-sided.


In the event of a motor overload, a protective device works to prevent the motor from burning, making the design safe.


Example of introduction

Bag filter unit using Cempum Ace
The filtration capacity is 5 m3/hr.It is compact and is suitable for incorporation into various unit products.



・To the water treatment plant equipment.
・Transfer of seawater related to fisheries.
・Incorporation of surface treatment-related equipment.
・It is also suitable for use in corrosive liquids and atmospheres.


Model  CSP-40-50.4T CSP-40-60.4T 
Diameter (mm)   40
Frequency (Hz)  50 60 
Voltage (V) Three-phase 200
Rated output (W) 400  
Maximum discharge (L/min) 120 110 
Maximum lifting height (mH)  8 10 
Mass (Kg) 11.0  
Liquid temperature 0~40  




Wetted materials

Handling liquid Liquid quality Fresh water, chemical solutions, and sea water

Pump section

Structure Impeller Semi-open
Shaft seal Mechanical seal
Wetted materials Impeller GFRPP
Casing CFRPP
Casing cover CFRPP
Mechanical seal Ceramic×Carbon
Shaft SUS316
Internal screws SUS316/Titanium
Packing EPDM
Splash prevention cover PP
Motor Full-closed fan outdoors Linear motion




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