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The size is about 1/2 of the conventional mixer
Chemical mixer CCM


A lightweight Mixer. No requires of the mixer support, because of the lightweight. It can be used at a volume of 500 to 2000L tank.

The CCM mixer is a miniaturized, lightweight, and high performance mixer of a new type that has been created by CEM Corporation's proprietary design by mainly focusing on reaction and mixing.
We firmly believe that the mixer can contribute to any and all the experimental equipment and water treatment plants, etc.

Advantages Applications Specifications
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・A high efficiency impeller that has been newly developed produces great mixing force.

・The size is 1/2 of that of conventional mixers (belt-driven type).  

 It is a miniaturized and lightweight type that can installed onto a PE tank or PVC tank.

・Weight reduction has been realized by a combination of AES, aluminum, etc.

・By employing pipe exterior specifications, the metal parts do not contact liquid,

 thereby realizing excellent corrosion resistance.

・The timing belt method is employed.  Low noise and long service life of the belt have been realized

 by our proprietary design.

・Received a 2004-2005 Good Design Award.


・Mixing in a reaction tank made of plastics
・Mixing of corrosive liquid
・Dissolution of powder, granular and flaky chemicals
・Mixing for reaction in a pH neutralization tank or water treatment plant
・Homogenization of liquid


Type Type CCM-100 Type CCM-150
Output 100W 150W
Voltage 100V(single phase) 200V(single phase) 200V(three phase) 380V(three phase)50hz
Rated current 2.2/2.3A
0.7/0.64A 0.9/0.85A 0.5A(50Hz)
Number of revolutions 370/450rpm
Maximum mixing capacity 1,000L 2,000L
Ambient temperature for use 40℃
Maximum operating temperature 80℃
Maximum liquid viscosity 300cP
Maximum liquid specific gravity 1.3
Method of speed reduction Timing belt
Protection class IP54 or equivalent
Installation JIS10K65A Flange

φ16×900L made of SUS316-grade stainless steel


φ175/φ145(50Hz/60Hz) made of PPC 3-vane propeller

φ195/φ165(50Hz/60Hz) made of PPC 3-vane propeller


Optional items

Change in shaft length (maximum: 1,200L), change in shaft material, change in impeller diameter, change in impeller material (PPS, PVDF), pipe exterior

Main body weight About 10kg

*The maximum mixing capacity shows performance with clear water. The mixing capacity decreases if the solution to be mixed has a viscosity or specific gravity that is higher than that of clear water.
*The standard material of the liquid contact parts are: SUS316-grade stainless steel for shaft, and PPC for the impeller.
*Mixing of a solvent, etc. cannot be performed.
*The mixer cannot be used in an explosion-proof area.

Outline drawing/catalogue

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