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pH meter automatic neutirazation CPU 


2 types are available in a continuous treatment method: 0.5 - 1.7m3/h and 1 - 4m3/h in treatment capacity.

It is a pH automatic neutralization apparatus that has realized an epoch-making energy saving/weight reduction, that is full of new functions.
2 types are available in a continuous treatment method: 0.5 - 1.7㎥/h and 1 - 4m㎥/h.
In addition, types equipped with a liquid level meter or a pH recorder are also available.

Advantages Applications Specifications
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    • ・Sophisticated design that does not give an appearance of neutralization apparatus.
  • ・Space saving and weight reduction have been realized by re-examining shapes and materials.
  • ・pH of discharged water can be kept in a memory, and the data can be collected
  •  by using a personal computer at a later date.  (Type that includes a pH memorizer as an accessory)
  • ・A tank made of polyethylene that has excellent corrosion resistance and durability
  •  as well as a pH meter, a pump, and a mixer employing a resin-made case are used.
  • ・2 types of control are available: 2-point control for acid and alkali, and 1-point control for acid or alkali.
  • ・ON/OFF control, time division proportional control, or twin timer control can be selected.
  • ・Calibration of pH4 and pH7 is done by one-touch operation.
  • ・A pH sensor of a KCl replenishing type is employed.  pH measurement can be done with dirty waste fluid as well.
    • ・A liquid level gauge is used that has no voltage alarm contact as standard specifications.
    • ・The raw water pump can be chosen according to waste water (optional).
    • ・We are also ready to provide custom-made products that suit customers' needs.


・pH neutralization treatment of drainage in a factory.
  • ・pH neutralization treatment of drainage that has been used for cleaning of a
  •  dialysis apparatus or inspection apparatus.
・pH neutralization treatment of drainage in an experiment.
・pH neutralization treatment of CIP drainage in a food processing factory, etc.


Type CPU-2


Object of treatment Acid and alkali drainage
Amount of water treated 0.5~1.7m3 1~4m3
pH of raw water

R:2-point control pH 3.0 - 11.0

S:1-point control (acid side) pH 3.0 - 7.0

A:1-point control (alkali side) pH7.0 - 11.0

Raw water temperature 5~40℃
Control method Division proportional control, twin timer control, ON/OFF control
pH of water to be treated pH5.8 - 8.6
Raw water SS concentration 50mg/L or less
Ambient environment Indoors or outdoors
Neutralizing chemical Acid side Sulfuric acid 10 - 30%
Alkali side Sodium hydroxide 10 - 20%
Pipe diameter Inflow port 25A TS universal ball valve 40A TS universal ball valve
Outflow port 50A Female thread 50A Female thread
Neutralization tank drain 5A Plug stoppage
Chemical  tank drain 5A Plug stoppage
Flow meter 25A Area flow meter 40A Area flow meter
Neutralization tank 450L Polyethylene-made Square-shaped 1000L Polyethylene-made Square-shaped
Neutralization tank mixer

Driven by timing belt 0.1kW 
Shaft: made of SUS316-grade stainless steel 

Impeller material: made of PP containing carbon

Chemical tank mixer

Direct drive 45W 

Shaft material: made of SUS316-grade stainless steel 

Impeller material: PPS 

Waterproofness: IP54

Chemical tank mixer Metering pump 300/360cc/min 50/60Hz 40W 100V/200V single phase
Alkali injection pump Metering pump 300/360cc/min 50/60Hz 40W 100V/200V single phase
Acid tank 150L Polyethylene-made Square-shaped
Alkali tank 150L Polyethylene-made Square-shaped
Chemical tank liquid level gauge

Float liquid level meter Lamp: Normal - Blue LED Water shortage - Red LED 

With no voltage alarm contact (a- and b- contacts)

pH indication and adjustment meter pH0 - 14.00 Transmission output DC4 - 20mA Insulation type
pH memorizing and adjustment meter pH0 - 14.00 Data is memorized usually at intervals of 10 seconds  Data retrieval is done by using attached software into EXCEL.
Power supply 100V/200V single phase
Base Made of polypropylene
Alarm contact pH discharge abnormality Voltage-applied contact
Chemical tank water shortage alarm No voltage contact



Outline drawing

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