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space-saving, lightweighting
Miniaturized neutralization apparatus TPH


Compact as compared with conventional neutralization apparatus.A miniaturized neutralization apparatus of low noise design that has taken account of use in a room.

A neutralization apparatus for drainage in a plant, factory, etc. 

This apparatus employs a continuous treatment method, 
and is a miniaturized automatic neutralization apparatus that can perform treatment of 100 - 200L/h(remaining in the apparatus for 30 - 60 minutes).
With this apparatus, thorough cost reduction has been pursued, so that prospective users can purchase it easily.
Advantages Applications Specifications
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・A resin-made case is employed that has excellent waterproofness and durability.
・Low noise design that takes account of use in a room.  An equipment cover is also included.

・2 types of control are available; 2-point control for acid and alkali,

 and 1-point control for acid or alkali.

・Automatic calibration of pH4.01 and pH6.86 is done by one-touch operation.
・Sophisticated appearance that does not look like a waste water treatment apparatus.
・Compact design that requires a small space for installation (550X600X675mm*including cover).


・Drainage in a school laboratory.
・Drainage in a research institution.
・Drainage in a small-scale factory.
・Drainage in a hospital.


Type TPH-1 TPH-2
Treatment capacity 100~200L/h
Raw water pH pH 2.5 - 7.0 or 7.0 - 11.5 pH 2.5 - 11.5
Chemical injection method

Acid or alkali

1-point control

Acid and alkali

2-point control

Neutralization tank Made of polyethylene, 100L
Chemical tank Made of polyethylene, 4L   1 unit Made of polyethylene, 4L   2 unit
Chemical pump Electromagnetic metering pump
65ml/min 1 unit
Electromagnetic metering pump
65ml/min 2 unit
Mixer 45W/100V
Inflow/drainage ports 25A screw-in

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