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Dramatic space saving and weight reduction are realized.
Small sterilization neutralizer for medical use


Sterilization neutralization of wastewater from washing of biochemical analyzers and other equipment.

Automatic sterilization of wastewater from cleaning device with sodium


It can be done automatically until the pH is neutralized, so it is safe because it does not require a person's hands.
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・ It is possible to change the sodium hypochlorite in the sterilization to the optional concentration.
・ Special pumps are used for transfer pumps. The patient is reassured that there is no risk of leakage.
・ It is also easy to check the amount of wastewater that has been treated with a flowmeter.
・ Adopt plastic cases with superior waterproofing and durability.
・ Low-noise design that takes indoor use into account. Equipment cover is also provided.
・ Prepare two control points, acid and alkali, and one point control type, acid and alkali.
・ Calibration of pH 4.01 and pH 6.86 was automatically calibrated by one-touch.
・ A sophisticated appearance that does not appear to be a wastewater treatment plant.


・ Washing effluent from a biochemical analyzer.
・ Washing effluent from the dialyzer.


Model MPH-1 MPH-2
Throughput 100~200L/h
Raw water pH pH 2. 5-7.0 or 7.0-11.5 pH 2.5~11.5
Method of administering

One-point control of acid or alkali

Injection of sodium hypochlorite

Two-point control of acids and alkalis

Injection of sodium hypochlorite

Neutralization tank 100 L of polyethylene
Chemical solution tank

Acid or alkali: 1 4 L polyethylene unit

Sodium hypochlorite: 1

Acid and alkali: Two 4-liter units made of polyethylene

Sodium hypochlorite: 1

Chemical pump Electromagnetic quantitative pump
65 ml per min 1 unit
Electromagnetic quantitative pump
65 ml per min 2 unit
Stirrer 45W/100V
Inflow and drain outlet 25A screw-in


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