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Float type level switch


Float type level switch. Using PVC and Polypropylene for chemical resistance. 

Type TL-101

 Compact outdoor terminal box
 It is a level sensor totally made of resins. 

 It plays an active role in liquid amount/liquid level control

  in various industrial processes.

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  • ・Terminal box made of AES having excellent weatherability.

    ・A movable union type mounting flange (JIS 5K 50A standard).  

     *By removing the flange, a screw of F2B can be mounted.

    ・Equipped with a HIPVC stem as standard specifications.
    ・The product can be provided at low price/with short delivery time.


  • ・Liquid level management and control for tanks.




Type TL-101V TL-101H
Terminal box Material AES
Construction Drip-proof
Electric wire feeding port PF1/4 waterproof plug
Installation Dimensions JIS5K 50A Flange
PF2B *1  
Material AES
Float Dimensions Φ48×55mm  
Material PP
Specific gravity more than 0.7
Viscosity (CP) 500
Stem Outer diameter Φ22mm
Material HI PVC HT PVC 
Dimension L(MAX) 3950mm 
Electricity rating Maximum operating current AC10VA/DC10VA
Maximum contact capacity AC10VA/DC10VA
Maximum operating voltage AC100V/DC200V
Maximum number of detection 5
Others Operating temperature range 0-50℃ 0-80℃
Dimension of contact intervals(MIN) 120mm

*By removing the flange, a screw of F2B can be mounted.


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