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Handy type of pH mater, ORP mater, EC mater

ハンディpH計/ORP計/EC計 PS-02

pH/EC/temperature/ORP/TDS can be measure in one. (PS-02-PH/EC)

Adopt a large LCD which is easily to confirm. 3-point calibration enables high-precision measurement.



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・pH/EC/Temperature/ORP/TDS can be measure with a single instrument.(PS-02-PH/EC)
・pH: ± 0.02/EC: ±2%/Temperature: ±1℃, which has high reproducible meter.
・PS-02-PH, PS-02PH/EC can measure ORP by connecting ORP electrodes, which is the option.
・Possible to save the measurement data. Makes easy to move data to the computer by USB memory stick connection.
・The meter equipped Automatic calibration, Hold function, and Automatic power off function.
・Adopted a highly interconnected BNC terminal for pH electrode.
・The meter has dedicated case for convenience carry.


  PH-02-PH/EC Storage examples


・Manage the Field site for water treatment.
・Manage the Nourishing solution for plant factory.
・Manage the Hydroponic culture, Green house for water treatment.
・Manage the Circulating water for cooling towers.


Type  PS-02-PH PS-02-PH/EC
PH    Measurement range (-2.00~16.00)pH  
Resolving power 0.1/0.01pH  
Instrument reproducibility ±0.02pH ±1digit  
Temperature compensation range (0~100℃)(Automatic or Manual)  
mV   Measurement range   ±1999mV
Resolving power ±200mV:0.1mV Other:1mV  
Instrument reproducibility ±2mV ±1digit  

Electric reproducibility  

Measurement range

Electric conductivity:0~200mS/cm




TDS:(0~100)g/L、Salinity concentration:(0~100)ppt 

Measurement range 0.01/0.1/1μS/cm 0.01/0.1mS/cm 
Instrument reproducibility ±2.0% FS ±1digit 
Temperature compensation range (0~100℃)(Automatic or Manual) 
Cell constant 0.1/1/10cm-1 
Temperature   Measurement range -10~110℃  
Resolving power 0.1℃  
Measurement accuracy ±0.5℃ ±1digit  
Number of data storage 500 datas  
Saved contents  Data number, date, time, measurement, measurement unit, temperature  
Connection method  USB  
Power supply  Size AA Battery x3pcs  
IP Grade  Equivalent of IP 57  
Size and Weight   Measuring instrument:(86×196×33)mm/335g  
 Case for handy meter:(330×270×82)mm/1.3kg Case for handy meter:(370×270×77)mm/1.8kg 


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