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Nutrient solution circulation apparatus MSOE-100


The small nutrient solution circulation apparatus is a nutrient solution circulation apparatus for culture in small sized plant factories such as experimental equipment and various types of shops, etc. as well as for gardening facilities.

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・Since the fertilizer controller, pump, and mixer have a waterproof construction,

 there is no need to worry out splash of water over them.

・For the mixing tank, polyethylene that is resistant to impact is used,

 and durability has also been improved.

・Efficient arrangements of the pump and mixer, tanks, etc. requires a small space for installation,

 and the apparatus can be stored under a culture shelf,

 etc.In addition, transmission output DC4 - 20mA is also available, which allows data collection as well.

・Functions are provided that respond to various conditions, such as the timer functions,

 interlocking functions, etc. that prevent an excessive feeding of fertilizer and down agent/up agent.

・Installation is done just by assembling parts. All the piping is connected by hose connection,

 which can be made just by cutting the hose to a desired length and make connections.

 Since electrical wiring is already done, the apparatus can be used just by inserting

 the power plugs for the controller/mixer/nutrient solution supply pump into outlets.






・For nutrient solution control for small-scale hydroponics.
・For nutrient solution control for small-scale soil culture.
・For nutrient solution control for small-scale in a small-scale plant factory.


Name Miniaturized nutrient solution circulation apparatus
Type MSOE-100

Nutrient solution transfer pump
(can be changed according to the scale)

Magnet pump 100V or 200V*90W 20L/min*4m 

Diameter: 16A

Fertilizer A/B pump

Metering pump 100V or 200V*25W Double type 

Maximum discharge: 300ml/min

Down agent (acid) pump

Electromagnetic metering pump 100V or 200V*20W 

Maximum discharge: 65ml/min

Up agent (alkali) pump

Electromagnetic metering pump 100V or 200V*20W 

Maximum discharge: 65ml/min

Mixer 100V*45W
Nutrient solution mixing tank Made of polyethylene 100L
Fertilizer A/B tank Made of polyethylene 20L
Down agent/up agent tank Made of polyethylene 4L
Nutrient solution return port Diameter: 25A

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