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Hydroponic system


Available equipment includes the hydroponic system

Easy Fertilizer Controller "RAKU-RAKU 4" and its unit that enables 

automatic nutrient solution control for hydroponics, as well as 

the MSOE-100 that enables nutrient solution control of an 
experimental scale in a plant factory, and the PCE-11M for monitoring
the values of drainage in hydroponics. In addition, the handy type 
PS-02-PH/EC is also available.
Easy Fertilizer Controller "RAKU-RAKU 4"  

Easy Fertilizer Controller "RAKU-RAKU 4"

It is an automatic fertilizer concentration control apparatus in which a pH meter/EC meter and a metering pump are incorporated into 1 unit.  It can be easily installed without the need to perform complicated wiring, etc.

Small nutrient solution circulation apparatus    「MSOE-100」

The apparatus employs a continuous treatment method, and although it is miniaturized, it uses equipment that has excellent durability such as a pH/EC meter, a pump dedicated to use for a fertilizer, up agent/down agent pump, a low-noise mixer, etc.
Easy fertilizer controller "RAKU-RAKU 4" Unit  

Easy fertilizer controller "RAKU-RAKU 4" Unit

It is a set that enables easy assembly in which an acid/alkali pump, a mixer, and a tank are attached to the Easy Fertilizer Controller "RAKU-RAKU 4"

Water quality monitor PCE-11M

It is a pH/EC meter that enables pH and conductivity to be measured by 1 unit.

Handy Multimeter PS-02-PH/EC 

Potable pH・EC measuring instrument.

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