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Optional instruments for EC


Optional instruments for PH, ORP meters like connecting box, cable, buffer solutions.

Connection box
Site apparatus attachment tool
Cable dedicated to use for electrodes
EC buffer solution

Connection box


Connection box for L-shaped holder supporting tool

It is a connection box of a new type that can be installed easily just  

by screwing it into the NT-B, our L-shaped holder supporting tool.
By making a 10mm hole on an angle, etc., it can be installed or fixed easily.
Since its main body made of ABS resin is chromium plated,
it is light in weight and has excellent electrical insulation performance.
[Type] CT-B-EC

Connection box

It is used when a measuring apparatus is installed separately at a distance 

from an electrode, and wiring to the measuring apparatus cannot be made 
with the lead wire of the electrode.
Maintenance and handling of the electrode and its surrounding areas
can be done easily.Since its main body made of ABS resin is chromium plated, 
it is light in weight and has excellent insulation performance.
[Type] CT-EC 

Site apparatus attachment tool


Pole attachment tool

The pole attachment tool is an attachment tool that fix site apparatus

onto a 50A pipe.

It is made of stainless steel, and has outstanding durability as well.

Panel attachment tool

It is a metal fitting that fixes site apparatus onto a control panel.

[Type] NT-PN

Cable dedicated to use for electrodes


Cable dedicated to use for electrodes

It is a dedicated cable required to be placed between an apparatus 

and an electrode when these are installed separately at a distance

from each other and a connection box is used. 
The cable length must be 50m or less.

EC buffer solution

EC buffer solution

It is a buffer solution for EC measurement that indicates a certain value.

A buffer solution is available that indicates 1.41mS/cm at 25℃.

Use it for correction or confirmation of the values.
The solution is contained in a 500ml plastic container.

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