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Salinity concentration meter

 塩分濃度計 CM-81S

This unit can measure the salt concentration and control the pump, etc.

  • The salinity can be displayed as a percentage on a large display that is easy to see in the field.
The pump can be controlled by inputting an arbitrary set value.
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The measured salinity is displayed on a large LCD display.

・The LCD with a large backlight displays the measured salt concentration, liquid temperature,

lower limit set value, and output status.

・The presence or absence of control can be controlled by an external input signal.
・Alarm setting values can be easily changed and measured density values can be easily corrected.
・The power supply is free from AC100 to 240V.


・Management of salt concentration in the cultivation of seaweed.
・Charvet ice salinity control.
・Management of salt concentration in plant cultivation.
・Management of salt concentration in washing water and ice making in the fishery industry.
・Measurement of salt concentration in soil.
・Control of salt concentration of washing water in food processing.


Name Salinity meter
Type CM-81S
Display Digital LCD/Touch Panel Adjusts the Brightness of Backlight LED

Measuring range

Resolution Salt concentration: 0.01% temperature: 0.1℃
Correction of measured values Measurement value shift (shift range-1.00% to +1.00%)
External inputting

One point of the no-voltage contact signal

When ON, the control output selected to be ON is interlocked on the interlock setting screen, and the control output selected to be OFF on the interlock setting screen is normal operation.

Normal control when OFF. 

Warning contact output

Two-point control method: ON/OFF control hysteresis width 0.01% to F.S.%~F.S

Contact capacitance AC240V1A or less (resistive loading)

Voltage output Control method: ON/OFF control hysteresis width 0.01% to F.S.
Upper and lower limit alarm output 1 point (voltage output): Power supply voltage output
Motor load current 0.5 A (AC200V)/1.0 A (AC100V)
Pulses output Control method: Pulse proportional control (open collector)
Transmission output Input/output insulation maximum load resistance 500Ω DC 4 to 20mA
Operating environment Between 0℃ and 40℃ within 85% RH
Power AC100~240V 50/60pHz
Power consumption 10 VA (no load)
Protective structure Equivalent to drip-proof IP54 (when using sunshade covers)
Dimensioned 138(W)×138(H)×174(D) mm
Weight About 2 kg
Standard accessories Sunshade cover

Sensor specifications



Type MCS-10
Sample 0~70℃

Electrode: PPS Cable: PVC

Lead 10 m (standard)


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