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pH/ORP meter converter

 pH計/ORP計変換器 PE-51

Simple 4 wire type pH/ORP meter converter

It is a measurement converter of the DC24V type for on-site use.

Because of its waterproof construction, it can be installed directly, 
and since its power supply and output line are provided separately,
no equipment for taking out transmission output is required.
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・With automatic calibration functions, pH calibration can be done easily.
・The buffer solution can be chosen, such as pH6.86 (JIS) and pH7.00(USA), etc.
・With a large liquid crystal display with backlight, the indication is easy to see beyond comparison.

・Since the power supply is DC24V, wiring for the power supply and transmission output is completed

 by just using one 4-core cable.

・The insulation transmission output DC4 - 20mA is provided as standard specifications.
・Attachment tools are also provided that enable the converter to be mounted onto a pole, control panel, tank, etc. easily.


・Remote control of pH/ORP measurement, etc.


Name pH/ORP meter converter (4-wire type)
Type PE-51
Indication Digital LCD (with backlight)
Range of measurement pH:0.00 - 14.00 ORP: -999 - 999mV
Temperature:0 - 100 (when using a temperature compensation electrode for high temperatures)
Resolution pH: 0.01pH ORP: 1mV
Temperature compensation pH automatic temperature compensation Temperature compensation range: 0 - 100(0 - 60 at 6.8k)
Temperature compensation element 6.8kΩ, 500Ω, Pt1000Ω
pH calibration With automatic calibration solution judgment functions
pH6.86 and either pH4.01, 9.18, or 1.68(JIS)
pH7.00 and either 4.00 or 10.00(USA)
Error indication pH over, Temp abnormality, Error current settings capable of being made
Transmission output DC4 - 20mA Input and output insulation Maximum connecting load resistance: 500Ω
Operating environment 0 - 45℃ 85%RH or less
Power supply DC24V±5%
Power consumption 4VA
Protective construction Drip-proof construction: IP54 or equivalent (when using sunshade cover)
Dimensions 138(W)×138(H)×174(D) mm
Weight About 1.0kg
Standard accessory Sunshade cover

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