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  • PET-M3P
  • with control functions pH/ORP meter

Outdoor pH meter/ORP meter with control functions developed for the first time in the industry. It can be utilized in all the types of pH/ORP control because it can be installed anywhere.

It is a pH/ORP indication and adjustment meter fit for on-site use that has pump control functions using voltage-applied contact signals.
Without the need to provide a control panel, cost reduction can be realized.
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・The automatic control method can be chosen among 3 types.
・With the temperature compensation being chosen among 3 types, the meter is ready for use with sensors of various manufacturers.
・The meter is equipped with input functions such as the power switch, level gauge, etc. of a mixer, pump, etc. as the standard functions.
・Indication with a large LCD.
・The meter can be installed outdoors such as in a site.
・Automatic calibration functions that are also ready for use with overseas buffer solutions.
・Can be connected to a computer by RS485 output.
・In addition to the measurement and indication of the pH meter/ORP values, the current values of transmission output can also be indicated.


・pH neutralization or oxidation/reduction treatment of drainage in the chemical industry, etc.
・Incorporation of the apparatus of each process.
・pH measurement and control in hydroponic culture, etc.
・pH measurement and control of drainage from cleaning.
・pH measurement and control for drainage from


Name pH meter/ORP meter with control functions
Type PET-M3P
Indication Digital LCD
Range of measurement pH:0.00~14.00 ORP:-700~+700mV
Resolution pH:0.01pH ORP:1mV
Temperature compensation Automatic temperature compensation Temperature compensation range:0 - 100℃ (temperature indication can be chosen)
Temperature compensation element 6.8kΩ、500Ω、Pt1000Ω
Calibration Automatic calibration

With automatic calibration solution judgment functions

pH6.86 and either pH4.01, 9.18 or 1.68 (JIS)

pH7.00 and either pH4.00 or 10.00 (USA)

Manual calibration pH6.86, 7.00 and solutions that differ from them by 2pH or more
Control output

Control equipment: pump, etc. 2 units (automatic, manual) mixer, etc. 1 unit (automatic, manual), mixer, etc. 2 units (manual)

* Maximum load capacity: 100VA each (inductive load) voltage-applied output

Control method Pump control (ON/OFF; time division proportional; twin timer)
Pump automatic (external signal input)
Mixer automatic (external signal input)
Control input Voltage-applied (1 point); no-voltage contact (3 points); hold contact (for holding measured values)
Transmission output 4 - 20mADC (maximum load resistance: 500Ω) *Indication of current value can be chosen
Communication RS-485
Power supply AC100-240V±10% (single phase, 50/60Hz)
Power consumption 10VA (at no load)
Construction for protection Drip-proof construction: IP54 or equivalent (when using sunshade cover)
Dimensions 138(W)×138(H)×174(D) mm
Weight About 2kg
Standard optional item Sunshade cover

Outline drawing

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