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Electromagnetic concentration meter

 電磁濃度計 CM-81

Electromagnetic concentration controller for chemicals like acid, alkaline. It could control pumps directly.

  • Hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, and sodium chloride
    can be measured as they are, if each solution is selected in the settings

    for the object of measurement. 
    May high-concentration solutions other than the above can be measured

    by selecting CUSTOM and inputting a coefficient.

Advantages Applications Specifications
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・It can also be used as a conductivity meter for high concentration.

・An alarm output for control is indicated on the large liquid crystal display as a measured value

 of concentration (weight%) in large numbers/characters.

・On the same screen, the solution temperature, lower limit setting value,

 and the state of output are also indicated.  The LCD is provided with backlight.

・The meter is provided, as standard specifications, with contact output for alarm,

 voltage-applied output that enables direct connection of a pump,

 and pulse output for controlling an electromagnetic metering pump.

・Current output (DC4 - 20mA) is also provided as standard specifications.

・Changes in the setting values, calibration or correction of the measured value of concentration

 are done on the front panel.

・A sunshade cover is included as the standard accessory, and the waterproof construction grade

 when the sunshade cover is fitted is IP54 or equivalent that allows the meter to be used outdoors.


・Concentration control for chemicals such as hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide

 in the chemical industry, etc.

・Incorporation of various process apparatus.
・Salt concentration control for a scrubber.
・Other control of solution concentration.


Name Electromagnetic concentration meter
Type CM-81
Indication Digital LCD The brightness of the backlight LED can be adjusted with a touch panel.
Conductivity range 0 - 1000mS/cm
0 - 300mS/cm
0 - 30mS/cm
Data to be measured DATA1 Sodium chloride   0 - 20%
DATA2 Hydrochloric acid 0 - 15%
DATA3 Sulfuric acid   0 - 25%
DATA4 Sodium hydroxide  0 - 10%
DATA5 Arbitrary data  
Resolution Concentration: 0.01% Temperature: 0.1℃  Conductivity: 0.1mS/cm
Accuracy Within F.S±0.5%(measured value of conductivity) *Repetition error due to pseudo signal
Correction of measured values Shift in measured value(shift width: -1.00% - +1.00%)
Change in the data to be measured To be chosen with a touch switch among 4 types of solutions
Regarding DATA5(arbitrary solution) 8 coefficients can be changed with the touch switch.
External input No voltage contact signal 1 point
In the case of ON(short circuit) The control output that has been chosen as ON on the interlock setting screen is interlocked,
and the control output that has been chosen as OFF on the interlock setting screen performs normal operation.
In the case of OFF(open) Normal control.
Alarm contact output 2 points Control method: ON/OFF control  Hysteresis width: 0.01% - F.S
Contact capacity: AC2401 or less (resistance load)
Voltage-applied output Control method: ON/OFF control Hysteresis width: 0.01% - F.S
Upper or lower alarm output 1 point(voltage-applied output): to output the power supply voltage)
Motor load current  0.5A(AC200V) / 1.0A(AC100V)
Pulse output Control method: proportional pulse control(open collector)
Transmission output DC4 - 20mA Input and output insulation Maximum connection load resistance: 500Ω
Operating environment 0 - 40℃  85%RH or less
Power supply AC100 - 240V 50/60pH
Power consumption 10VA(at no load)
Protective construction Drip-proof construction: IP54 or equivalent (when using sunshade cover)
Dimensions 138(W)×138(H)×174(D) mm
Weight About 2kg
Standard accessory Sunshade cover

Electrode Specifications



Type MCS-10
 temperature 0~70℃

電極:PPS ケーブル:PVC

Lead length 10m(標準)

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