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High-specification pH meter

 ハイスペjックpH計 PE-31EFP

PE-31E is a two-point alarm.             PE-31EFP is a model with four-point warning and  time-sharing proportions.

This is an easy-to-use model with a detailed set of settings that can respond to a variety of requests and an error display based on the self-diagnosis function.
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・One-touch calibration.
・Automatically judges whether the electrode characteristics are good or bad.
・Five types of temperature compensation elements are supported.
・Combined with lead-free pH electrodes, environmentally friendly measurements are realized.
・High-end type with 4-point alarm and time-division proportional (PE-31EFP).
・External input can be used to interlock with the washer (PE-31EFP).


・PH neutralization and oxidation/reduction treatment of wastewater from the chemical industry
・To the incorporation of each process unit
・For pH measurement management such as hydroponic cultivation
・For measuring and managing the pH of cleaning wastewater
・For pH measurement management of experimental wastewater


Model PE-31E PE-31EFP               
Display Digital LED
Measuring range


Resolution pH:0.01pH 
Temperature compensating

Automatic Temperature Compensation Temperature Compensation Range: 0°C to

100°C (Temperature display selectable)

Temperature compensating element 6.8kΩ・500Ω・1kΩ・10kΩ・350Ω (25℃)
Calibration Automatic calibration pH 6.86 and one of pH 4.01, 9.18, and 1.68
Manual Calibration Two liquids separated by 2 pH or more
Temperature calibration 1 point
Transmission output

DC 4 to 20 mA (maximum load resistance 900 Ω)

Transmission output range: Any setting within the measurement range is possible.

Contact output

Output point: 2 points

Warning contact output :(R1、R2)

Contact form: Relay contact SPDT (1c)

Contact capacitance: 240V AC 3A30V

DC 3A (resistive loading)

Output point: 4 points

Warning contact output :(R1、R2、R3、R4)

Contact form: Relay contact SPDT (1c)

Contact capacitance: 240V AC 3A30V DC 3A (resistive loading)

Contact input


Number of contact points: 1 point

Contact form: open collector no-voltage contact a contact

Contact function: External output for


Holding function


Defective calibration, electrode diagnosis, out of measurement range, transducer


Temperature compensation range 0~100℃
Ambient temperature -5~45℃
Relative humidity 20 to 85% (not condensing)

Power supply


AC100V~240V (50/60Hz) 10VA(max)
Power consumption 10 VA (no load)
Dimension 96(W)×96(H)×115(D) mm
Weight About 500 g


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